Linda Evangelista shares secrets on how to keep your youth and health

Linda Evangelista has a favorite French saying: Don't spit in your soup. Or in other words - don't ruin what Nature has given you

Linda Evangelista is a popular model since the 1990s. Today she is 51 years old. An age capable of depressing quite a few women. But, instead, the beautiful model prefers to take advantage of what Nature has given her.

Here are the mistakes that most women around the age of 50 and over make.

Some women only get better with age. They are like wine - the older they get, the better they get. Everyone thinks they have some special secret to youth.

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Secret, not really. There are rules to be followed.

In order to maintain beauty and health, it is not necessary to do much. It is enough to adhere to a few principles. If you find the strength and willpower to do these 5 points, you will see very soon how strong your body can be.

1. Digestion is important!

The gut is a system that is responsible for nutrition and immunity. These two activities must be performed flawlessly. Any failure in the good functioning of the intestines leads to poisoning of the body. As a result, we have bad skin, brittle hair and other problems that worry every woman.

Eastern medicine states: the small intestine is the roots of our body. If the gut is healthy, the body will thrive. Accordingly, people will live much longer.

Gut health depends on the food we eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, soups and oatmeal have a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism.

Extra attention should be paid to liquids. Skin health, harmony, vitality, sleep quality - everything depends on the amount of water you drink per day.

To improve the condition of collagen, drink water. It doesn't have to be 2 or 3 liters. And a liter and a half is enough, as long as you do it every day.

Here's a helpful video on easy, healthy and vibrant food that gives energy: WATCH HERE

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2. March to bed!

Some time ago Linda Evangelista she had said she wouldn't get out of bed for less than a million dollars. Yes, everyone should know their price, but autumn should also know the price of sleep. Models are aware of this. They know that no makeup can hide what sleep deprivation has done. In addition, regular lack of sleep causes damage to health and beauty, which are visible years later.

Lack of sleep leads to serious health problems. Always try to go to bed and get up at the same time. This will make the body form a habit. you should sleep at least 8 hours.

The benefits of sleep cannot be overstated. The person receives priceless spiritual peace, and emotions are balanced.

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3. Breathe in, breathe out!

Working indoors leads to a lack of oxygen.

If your job involves sitting in an office all day, at least walk home from work. Also, be out more than at home on weekends.

4. Look at your hands!

Take care of the delicate skin of the hands. If the face is taut and youthful looking because of the care you take for it, then the hands can certainly give away your true age. Brown spots, wrinkles, protruding bones - all this changes hands silently and insidiously.

Wear gloves. Even in the summer. Wearing gloves protects against external influences, but does not protect against lack of care. Therefore, devote at least half of the time you spend on your face to your hands.

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5. Change your wardrobe!

Just because you're 50 doesn't mean you have to dress like an old lady. The fact that some of you have become grandmothers because you have grandchildren does not mean that you should try to look like a grandmother.

Honestly and to yourself admit which is the style that you like and suits you the most. Find the clothes that make you feel comfortable, not what others expect of you.

And one last tip from Linda Evangelista: hairstyles from the 90s are not only not trendy anymore, but they look silly on your aging faces. They will not rejuvenate you, they will make you look ridiculous.

MEDITATION Beauty and youth inside and out by Milena Goleva


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