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How to dress for meditation?

Meditation is a good way to organize our thoughts, sift through what is important in our lives and reduce our stress levels. It is often difficult for beginners to clear their minds when they feel discomfort caused by the clothes they are wearing. In this case, the right choice of clothing for meditation is crucial. Let's use it as the key to a successful meditation session.

5 Powerful Habits for Dealing with Failure
Road to happiness

5 Powerful Habits for Dealing with Failure

Failure is a part of life and it is important to know how to deal with it. The key to success is building an attitude that sees failure as a stepping stone to success. You must be willing to accept your failures and learn from them, not be afraid to ask for help and discard old habits so you can build new ones

healthy foods
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7 healthy breakfast foods

Закуската е най-важното хранене за деня, тъй като осигурява на тялото ти енергия за предизвикателствата на деня и работата на


The relationship between melatonin and meditation

Връзката между мелатонин и медитация Хората, които медитират, усещат, че практиката има положителни ефекти върху здравето, като например спокойствие на


What is a spiritual bypass?

Какво е духовно заобикаляне? с този термин се описва тенденцията да се използват духовни обяснения, за да се избегнат сложни

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