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How to quickly and successfully materialize your dreams by Milena Goleva

How to quickly and successfully materialize your dreams by Milena Goleva

Why do relaxation and mind have the power to materialize when combined?

Why really? I have said many times that my life totally changed after I realized how powerful the mind is during meditation. Because relaxation and mind when combined together have the power to materialize.

At such a moment the brain waves enter another frequency. And the images and thoughts that build your mind have the power to materialize. You know that thoughts become things. When you sow a thought, your subconscious realizes it. Why, then, this simple thing, which all people already know, is so difficult to turn into reality. It's hard to get the cherished things.

Here is the answer. Every thing you ask for, the moment you ask for it, you declare to the universe that you miss it, that it is absent from your life. And every time you want something, you exert the opposite vibration. You already understand how important it is when you ask for something to feel its presence and not its absence.

Think about how when you were a child, your longings and wishes often came true. Do you know why? Because you had the ability to dream. And what is the dream? A dream is a request for something, BUT IN A STATE OF PLEASANT EXPECTATION. This is exactly what happens during meditation.

Do not get me wrong. When you are awake and want something, you also have the power to materialize it. BUT! You materialize its absence, you reinforce its absence. You push him away from you. Are you familiar? The more you strive for something, try to follow all the precepts, be careful what your thoughts are, etc. as if it constantly eludes you. Yes! Because your conscious mind is constantly affirming its absence. Deep down, you are worried about this lack, you are afraid, you are even angry why it is taking so long. And the harder you try, the more it eludes you. You feel like you're in a vicious circle from which you don't know how to get out. Now remember your ability to dream. Did you feel the relief? Dreaming is nice, isn't it? Dreaming is fun, isn't it? The feeling of dreaming is like an elixir. Exactly. Herein lies the key. When you feel good, you attract what you want. This is exactly what happens during meditation. First you get into vibes that make you feel good. First you relax the body and its muscles. First you calm the assertive carousel of the mind. And only after that, when the mind is calm and strong, you allow it to create. And he just started to create. He starts one yes at a time you materialize your dreams. Because it is positive, because it is peaceful, because it is in its strongest frequency.

And then you only have one thing left. To open the catalog of the universe and start choosing. To open the universe catalog and start ordering. Because the possibilities of your calm and positive mind are limitless. Because anything is possible. And then the world becomes a series of endless possibilities.

Will you choose to tune into the wave of abundance and attract it into your life.

Will you choose to tune into the wave of health and attract it into your life.

Will it be improving your relationship with you and love for you.

Are you starting to feel it? The possibilities are endless and limitless.

And isn't it super cool! You are both relaxing...and materializing!

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