Most of us have heard about the placebo effect - the healing effect on the body of completely harmless pills or powders, which, however, patients are informed by the doctor that they are a new revolutionary drug. The placebo effect is medically proven and works in up to 80% of cases of application. Interestingly, the placebo effect is effective in almost all diseases. Proven cures for bronchitis, pneumonia, ulcers, regulates blood pressure, cancer...

Unwanted side effects

But the placebo effect has its dark side. The power that the mind-body connection has, it can heal, but it can also hurt. In medical studies of new drugs, 25% of healthy patients to whom doctors give sugar tablets instead of medicine develop harmful side effects. Such cases are constantly documented as patients have complained of muscle pain, vomiting, and all sorts of other symptoms, the cause of which cannot be hidden in simple sugar tablets.

Medicine calls this effect NOCEBO. Literally translated from Latin, the term means "harm, cause harm."

Interestingly, these effects do not occur by chance. Usually, they are in response to warnings that we hear from a doctor or read in the description of the medicine. Often, even just one word from the doctor can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are numerous cases of patients undergoing saline treatment instead of chemotherapy who lose their hair and vomit.

Nocebo is associated with medicine, but it actually occurs in everyone. These are beliefs - programs laid down by our parents, grandparents, teachers, usually by authority figures for us. Remember how they told you - "you won't pass the test", "you are very bad at physics", "you are not suitable for ....(put in the ellipsis what you heard about you from a real authority)" This is where it comes and our responsibility to our children, our relatives, to those who perceive us as an authority - we must be extremely careful in our speech. How many examples are there from the playgrounds of mothers/grandmothers/grandfathers/fathers calling out to their child - don't do that - you will kill yourself, you will fall, you will.... my hair is standing up….

When you think you're going to die…

In another study of patients about to undergo surgery, those who were internally convinced that they would have difficulty or die were much more likely to suffer such a fate than the group of patients who had positive expectations about the outcome of the surgery . Nocebo effect is the so-called voodoo death, or even when people believe they are bewitched.

The scariest cases, however, are from the doctor's office - all those sentences "you have a month left". There are numerous documented cases around the world of misdiagnoses with a "death sentence" in which, after an autopsy, it was found that the patient did not have the relevant disease, and it was not even possible to determine the true cause of death.

Medicinal Enchantment

Every time a doctor says “you have an incurable disease„, „you will be on medication for the rest of your life' or god forbid "you have….months or years left", it actually makes you look "medical magicBut the doctors are not to blame - they are not trying to hurt you (I hope). They just don't realize what they are doing with their words. Doctors think you deserve to know, you have to be realistic, be prepared if necessary. But in doing so, they plant in your mind and subconscious the matrix that you are not good, that you cannot cope. And if consciousness cannot cope (and in most cases it is simply impossible due to the authority before us) these words become fulfilled prophecies. If you believe you won't heal, you can't do it!

The lesson?

There are thousands of documented cases in the world of the so-called Spontaneous healing, proving that there are no incurable diseases. If you or someone you love is suffering from a "chronic" or "incurable" illness, you need to start clearing your mind of any negative beliefs that sabotage the self-healing process.

What do you believe in?

Do you believe you will be on medication for the rest of your life? Or are you motivated to try to activate your body's built-in self-healing mechanisms by changing the direction of your thoughts from negative to positive? A huge help in this way can give you the author's guided meditation of Milena Goleva - Heal your body

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  1. Story 1: A friend had breast cancer. Once operation…distractions…. second surgery, chemotherapy, hair loss, radiotherapy…. She was looking for a wife for her husband on the Internet because she had 2 years left (she said it with a smile, and she was ready for death). It's good that she lived at home during that time to give her hope. I spoke every day calmly, and also with a smile ... that one does not die so easily, not to think that one will get rid of it so easily. That I see her as if nothing is there, and I see her very fresh (never mind that she was bloated like a plodder from the chemotherapy). I was tired during this 1 year of giving hope, but I did not stop. They moved to another city. 7 years have passed since then. They also have 2 grandchildren. I see them in pictures. Her face shows only happiness ❤

  2. Story 2 :
    Another friend, younger. Breast cancer at the age of 30. 2 operation…. the same procedures... A lot of despair, depression... we chat on Facebook. I give ideas. I teach her to love God and to pray. One day she doesn't go on Facebook for 24 hours, doesn't pick up the phone. I send people to look for her and I understand that she is in a semi-coma in a hospital in Plovdiv. They tell me it's a brain tumor. I share with other friends of ours and ask them to pray around the clock. I talked to my mother and told her what we were doing, that she should pray too. There was no way to get from Spain to Plovdiv in the fastest way. I found my friend from there and sent a picture of us 4 friends praying. I asked her to go to the hospital. When she saw the condition and that she was only lying, looking and not speaking, she showed the photo and said my words - "Didka from Spain is sending me." He said to see this picture. Do you know these girls? Do you promise yourself that you will never part. Do you know them? " She said quietly - Yes. Her mother jumped up and hugged my friend and cried.
    My friend found her friend's sister in the hospital. The nurse gathered people to donate blood and the next day she was operated on. It turned out that it was not a tumor, but an old trauma from a tooth and inflammation, which led to this paralysis. After 4 days I heard her, she barely answered me only with yes yes ....
    After 1 month… I get a message. "Dido, I love you. You saved my life"

    1. Nikola Belopitov

      With pleasure. This is a picture from pixabay.com, which we partner with 🙂 hope you like it

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