fbpx What happens when we judge others?
What happens when we judge others?

What happens when we judge others?

One day the disciple asked his Master:

- Tell me, Master, why do all the sages teach us that we should not judge others? Is it that important? Please explain to me…

The teacher, as he always did, did not immediately answer the question, but instead gave his student a balloon with some mud at the bottom and asked him to stand in front of him and start blowing up the balloon.

– What do you see now? – asked the Teacher

– I see you and the balloon.

- Inflate it some more. - continued the Teacher

The student complied and the balloon grew larger.

- Now what do you see?

- Now I hardly see you, I mostly see the balloon, and the mud is running down its walls.

- Blow it up even more.

The balloon grew even larger and the Master asked again:

– What do you see now?

"Just the balloon and the mud." Nothing more.

- Continue to inflate the balloon - said the Teacher and moved a little to the side.

The student diligently continued to perform, but the balloon could no longer stretch and suddenly burst, bursting into pieces, scattering the mud that was inside everywhere. The student lost his gift of speech. He looked around helplessly... He was all splashed with mud.

- Now do you understand what happens when you focus on other people's flaws, weaknesses and transgressions? By judging a person, you stop seeing the person himself. You only see your own judgmental and negative thoughts and feelings about him. And the more you fan them, the greater the likelihood that the mud and dirt of these thoughts will splash not only on you, but also on those around you. - the Teacher finished and left the student alone with his thoughts.

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