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I want to live my next life backwards

Sean Morey

I want to live my next life backwards. By appearing I solve the problem of death. Then I wake up in a nursing home and start to feel better every day. They throw me out because I'm too healthy to be there, I go to collect my pension, and on my first day of work I get a gold watch and they throw me a party. I worked for 40 years until I was too young to enjoy my retirement.


I party, drink alcohol and live lavishly, then start high school. Then comes elementary school, I turn into a kid and play all day. I have no responsibilities, I become a baby, and it's time to give birth. I then spend 9 months swimming in luxury spa-like conditions with central heating and unlimited room service. My apartment is getting bigger every day and finally: Voila! – I finish like an orgasm!” 🙂



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